Who we are

Sontia Logic Limited is a British audio technology company set up by Chris Vernon in 2004. The company set out to provide a new way of meeting the demands of consumer entertainment products for higher quality digital sound processing.

Chris Vernon CEO:

“As somebody who has worked for many years in high quality sound production, I was becoming ever more dissatisfied with the way the quality of sound was being compromised by poor DSP solutions within developing entertainment products – just to fool consumers into thinking that they were getting a wider, more immersive and deeper bass sound. Sontia’s quest is to restore a believable natural reproduction of sound.”

Since then, the company has been intensively researching and developing a new generation of software audio processors that truly raise the bar in terms of quality, features and function.

Following many years as a seasoned recording engineer and performing musician, Chris Vernon joined Sir George Martin’s national music academy and became senior technology lecturer and programme leader.

In 2004, Chris left the national music academy to set up Sontia Logic Limited.

Sontia quickly became a developer and audio content creator for the Microsoft and Sony video game platforms. They produced audio and physics technology for several AAA published titles that sold millions of units around the world.