sontia_headphones Sontia and ARKON Create Revolutionary Audiophile-Grade Wireless Headphones

Sontia®—creators of the revolutionary, audiophile-grade, Stable Phase Technology (SPT) for audio systems—and leading headphone manufacturer, ARKON®, have created a new type of Bluetooth® wireless headphone that uses the unique Sontia SPT linear-phase speaker correction algorithms. This development heralds a new era of premium audio headphone sound using techniques that have not been heard before in this type of device, creating a number of dramatic benefits to spatial separation, clarity, realism and bass response.


Sontia SPT is a fundamentally different and scientific approach to sound production. It uses patented, high-precision, mathematical algorithms to correct the inherent limitations of the underlying physics of the headphone speaker and enclosure—delivering an output sound that is as near perfect as the product could possibly achieve. The listener of the new, Sontia-powered, ARKON headphones hears the audio source material as it was intended—with a wide, detailed, soundstage, crystal clear natural sound, smooth deep bass and ultra-low distortion. Every detail can be heard and the listener becomes unaware that they are listening through headphones. By contrast, sound reproduction in the majority of affordable headphones tends to lack clarity, with poor separation of sounds from the various instruments and suffers weak or unnatural bass. Over time, this is fatiguing to the listener.

robin_saxby Sir Robin Saxby receives the GSA Morris Chang Lifetime Achievement

We are happy to celebrate the achievements of Sir Robin Saxby, member of the Sontia Advisory Board and ex-chairman of ARM.

Robin has been awarded the prestigious award, the GSA Morris Chang Lifetime Achievement for his forward-thinking, initiative and contribution towards developing computer technologies, in particular the ARM processor. used in many mobile devices, tablets and computers today.

In 2010 alone, producers of chips based on ARM architectures reported shipments of 6.1 billion ARM-based processors, representing 95% of smartphones, 35% of digital televisions and set-top boxes, and 10% of mobile computers!

THX+Sontia logo on black square Sontia Partnership with THX

THX+Sontia logo on black

Sontia is proud to announce our partnership with THX®. We will work together to create innovative sound processing technology that enhances audio performance and reduces development and production costs for consumer electronics manufacturers.

Due to the explosion of media across different platforms, there are many types of new speakers available today. Based on consumer interest and demand, manufacturers have been looking for a way to improve sound quality in small, thin speakers used in the majority of today’s portable devices – and at the same time, keep production costs in check. Sontia and THX are bringing an innovative solution to market with interest to date from home theater, tablet, auto and speaker companies. 

“THX has proved to be a trusted brand, known for providing the ultimate benchmark and quality standards to deliver best-in-class entertainment,” said Chris Vernon, CEO, Sontia. “With its thought leadership and deep subject matter knowledge of quality sound, THX will help to ensure that these collaborative products deliver the maximum level of performance possible and the overall experience consumers expect from the THX brand.”

Sontia and THX will work together to carefully analyze products and evaluate their capabilities, leveraging both Sontia’s critical testing lab and THX’s regime of precision tests. The goal of a two-layer testing approach is to provide the optimal audio performance relative to individual products. 

“We are committed to working with our industry partners to ensure that any products and technologies that we help develop or certify define quality in their class,” said Matt Chrispen, director, business development, THX Ltd. “Our partnership with Sontia represents a particularly innovative expression of this commitment. Together, we will offer improved audio performance across a variety of consumer electronic products where small speakers could be enhanced with this technology – from smart phones, to headphones, to sound bars and other smaller-sized speakers.”

More on the THX Sontia Partnership.

LG Soundbar Sontia SPT Lite now ships in selected LG sound bars

LG Soundbar

Sontia SPT Lite is now available in the LG (NB2020A) Soundbar, and the results are incredible.

Read some of the customer reviews:

LG NB2020A

“Once plugged into the back of the TV and turned on I was blown away by the sheer power and quality by comparison to the TV Speakers.”  See original

“I was stunned that it seemed to go deeper than it should and had detail that put my other audio systems to shame.” See original

LG NB2420A

“This is great as it’s made watching TV bearable again for the whole family. Really impressed for the price and would recommend to friends (I have).” See original

“The low end goes deeper than it should (still not room shaking without the sub, but great for TV and games and music), and the detail level in the sound is far more ‘quality’ than it should be, -beats my ‘premium’ dock which cost 5x$! Really sounds natural and live, not shout at all.” Best Buy

We are also now in the LG (NB2430A) sound bar with bluetooth functionality, so you can wirelessly stream music and sounds from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

LG Bluetooth Soundbar with Sontia SPT - NB2430A