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[Stable Phase Technology]®

Cost and design engineering has resulted in many of today’s audio products suffering from poor-quality, distorted sound. Sontia SPT is the only software solution that improves sound quality, whilst retaining form factor.

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A unique approach to sound

Unlike other generic “audio-enhancement” techniques, that subjectively improve the sound of a device by altering the original audio signal, Sontia SPT offers a unique, engineered solution to each audio device. It provides a natural and more enjoyable sound.

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Sontia SPT Key Benefits

  • a better, crystal clear, natural life-like sound
  • a true three-dimensional audio experience
  • unparalleled deep, rich, smooth and natural bass
  • a far broader optimal listening area
  • a significantly increased perceived product value
  • a strong distinction from common approaches
  • can simplify list of materials in high-end products

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Sontia SPT Integrates Seamlessly.

Sontia SPT can be ported onto most platforms, meaning no additional hardware.

It can be used with any speaker / enclosure design and it won’t alter production methods.

Sontia Software voicing tool puts the engineer in control of the finished product.