Business Engagement

Sontia SPT is the leader in the field of providing a natural DSP solution; which is achieved as a result of providing an engineered as opposed to generic optimization of the most important components in the audio chain. : – the speakers.

For this reason we require a sample of your product; which will enable us to analyse and subsequently optimize it, without changing form factor and usually using your existing platform.

Sontia charge an NRE for the optimisation; the cost of which varies dependent upon the work that we are asked to carry out; which platform it is on and the type of speaker, which we are working with.

On acceptance of our quotation, your engineers then work with either our UK Development team or Shenzhen based Chinese execution team to deliver the technology to suit your requirements. Our quotation not only covers for us to do the optimization and provide the required image for you to flash onto your product but also for a real time voicing tool which enables your engineers to voice the product to suit their requirements whilst retaining the benefits of stable linear phase.

Sontia SPT the natural DSP solution

  • Retains form factor
  • Can be ported onto an existing platform
  • Provides a real time voicing tool


We work with a number of companies to provide a consultancy for different projects where they are looking at unique applications of Sontia technology be this Military, public service, theme parks etc.

To see how we can improve the quality and clarity of your audio product please get in contact.